5 Ultimate Cat Scratch Trees You Must BUY TODAY!

Scratching is a cats’ natural instinct. And that’s where cat scratch trees sign in.

Before, scratching the way about how to deal with your furry friend using cats' scratch trees, let us walk you through the background. 


Why Your Cat Scratches A lot?

Researches show that cat scratch due to various reasons, such as;

  • Convey feelings like as joy or stress
  • Mark items with their smell 
  • Remove the dead section of their nails
  • Get a nice stretch etc. 
  • This could be a sign of some skin disease as well.

Studies also show that cats communicate with each other via scratching. Scratching leaves visible signals and odors that are emitted from the feline paws, which transmit a message to other cats. Scratching serves a variety of tasks and is essential to a cat's survival, yet it can be highly harmful to humans. However, scratching is a normal habit, rather than punishing the cat, provide them with alternative ways.

Cat scratching can typically be directed to specific things but for a cat owner, there must be some option to handle this natural requirement of their cat. By offering appealing scratching surfaces throughout your home, you can convince your cat to quit scratching your furniture.


1.   Wall-Mounted Cat Climbing Ladder

The cat climbing stairs provide a stepping route for your cat to satisfy its natural need to climb. The cat climbing shelf is constructed of natural solid wood, and is non-toxic. Each cat step is made of jute rope for further durability and environmental friendliness. 

There are various designs and models available in market. All of the designs are intended to create a safe environment for your cat. The best part is, you just have to Install the cat shelves on the wall and you won't have to worry about them messing up your room. 

Create a unique play area for your cat with a charming design that doesn't take up any floor space or interfere with your decor. Check this one from the brand Cat Casual (Click here).


2.   Toy Climbing Cats Scratching Tower

The cat scratcher towers feature different huge sisal rope scratching posts, each with a unique color scheme or pattern. They are excellent for keeping cats entertained over time - or for families with numerous cats.

The dangling toys engage your cat's instincts and senses. When your cat hunts, stalks, and bats at the sisal rope balls and toy mice that hang from underneath the porch, they'll be delighted for hours.

Cat Casual offers a high-quality cat tower made of durable materials to provide a safe and healthy scratching surface for cats while also protecting your furnishings. 


3.   Animal Shaped Wooden Cats Scratcher 

Nowadays, a number of animal-shaped wooden cat’s scratcher are available, suitable for cats who have a natural desire to climb. Cats can sharpen their claws on pillars to develop their instincts. These cats' scratch trees are environmentally friendly, long-lasting, bite resistant, and made of high-quality material.

They contain a cat toy with a bell ball in the animal's tail that emits bell sounds and teases the cats. You can find such cuties at Cat Casual curated with different realistic animal forms.


4.   Cat Scratcher Lounge

This type of cat’s scratch furniture is not just a scratcher but a couch, and so much more. Scratching in a natural way is good for your cat’s claws, good exercise, and a stress reliever. These lounges are thoughtfully designed with curves to make scratching simpler and provide a more pleasant resting and playing area.

Most pet cats adore such cats scratch trees because of their superior cardboard and structure. Multiple or bigger cats may be accommodated on a wide surface area, which also provides ample scratching room. Here’s the best place to buy such a cat scratcher lounge.


5.   Scratching Post Napping Perches

This type of cat tree's tiered design provides three or more levels of interactive fun and the ideal spot to snooze or snuggle on one of the two raised-edge perches. It's never been simpler to keep your pet from sharpening and trimming their nails on your furniture with a sisal rope scratching post!

This sort of Cat Scratching Trees are ideal for cats of all ages, the cat scratch post is the right height for stretching and scratching. The best fun part is the interactive toys on the main platform for your cat to whack around.

Things to Keep in Mind

  • After handling your cat, wash your hands thoroughly.
  • Allow your cat to lick you only in specific areas, such as your lips, nose, eyes, or open wounds.
  • By simply interacting with your pet, you can prevent improper scratching. Ideally, you should spend around 10 minutes exercising your cat a couple of times a day.
  • Declawing your cat is not a good idea. Declawing is a type of amputation that involves the removal of a limb. It is a cruel and harsh surgical practice.
  • Petting stray or wild cats is not a good idea.
  • Play softly with your cat to avoid scratches and bites.
  • Regularly cutting your cat's nails will help to reduce scratching damage. It's preferable to begin grooming your cat while it's young, but even an older cat may be trained.
  • To keep your cat away, you might apply an odor neutralizer or a perfume that cats dislike.To reduce the risk of your cat contracting the bacterium, keep fleas under control.You should never taunt or provoke a cat.


Buying Tips for Cat Scratch Trees

  • If you have a very big cat, a floor-to-ceiling cat tree with extra thick supports and a solid base plate should be considered.
  • Start with a modest scratching tree for kittens so they may become acquainted with it without causing damage.
  • The perfect cat scratch tree will include a comfy cave for hiding, a scratching board, many climbing options, and a scratching board.
  • The scratching tree's post should be constructed of a durable substance like sisal.



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