6 Best Cat Beds to Buy in 2022

6 Best Cat Beds to Buy in 2022

6 Best Cat Beds to Buy in 2022




Do you have a cat and you want to make her feel extra cozy with classy cat beds?

Choosing which one is best for your cat is a difficult task. But, no worries.

We got you covered! This article will walk you through a brief guide that will help you decide on which cat beds to buy for your dear cat.

Cats truly enjoy snoozing, and because they are active at night, the majority of their snoozing occurs during the daytime. But, as a cat lover, you know, cats can be a little picky about where they take their catnaps. 

Isn’t it crazy?

Yes, they enjoy a little lavishness, but they also want to feel safe and secure while sleeping. 


Your Furry Friends Love to Sleep


Cats sleep 12 to 16 hours per day on average. It's not just because of laziness. Their descendants evolved to sleep a lot to conserve energy for hunting for their next meal. 

Even though our pets no longer need to hunt for food, your furry friends still require intensively comfortable and prolonged rest. Because they spend so much of their lives sleeping, it stands to reason that you, as a cat owner would want them to keep as much cozy and comfortable as possible.

There are so many different types and styles of cat beds available on market. But I understand the pain of how to decide? 

Have a look at some of the exclusively available cat beds on market and decide on what to go for.


Six Super Cool Types of Cat Beds 



Calming Cat Sofa Bed


  • If you consider your cat to be a true family member, you might want to consider investing in a rectangle-shaped bed with a luxuriously soft faux fur Sofa. 
  • Such a cat’s sofa bunker is designed for big cats, allowing them to snuggle and have full access to the space. Giving your pet the best resting spot is the ultimate solution that every cat owner is looking for. 


Cat Caves


  • Cat caves are ideal for cats who enjoy hiding in a dark, cozy environment. If you are residing in an area with a cold temperature or if your cat loves privacy, such cat caves are your best choice.
  • Cat casual offers cozy mobile pet tents. From inside your cat will find an extremely soft and cozy environment to curl up in. This is due to the extra padding in the fleece-lined base cushion, which adds a touch of luxury. Furthermore, they have added a toy with a built-in bed that makes the rest time fun and playtime comfier.


Sleep Bag


  • Some cats can be seen using boxes and certain bags to rest in. These type of shelters works as improvised incubators to remain warm in houses that are definitely too cold for them. Cats go out of their way to find these tight areas because they help them conserve body heat. 
  • In a nutshell, boxes and bags are ideal for a wonderfully warm and comfy snooze.
  • The sleep sack is a luxuriously plush bed. It's designed in the shape of a "sleeping sack" to provide rapid and consistent warmth for the animal within. It also gives the pet a sense of security. Allow your pets to be as comfortable and toasty as possible. Check this one from the brand Cat Casual (Click the link).


Cozy Cat House


  • Cat houses are popular. After all, they make cats feel safer because they know nothing will bother them while they sleep.
  • If your cat is one of them, the cozy cat house by Cat Causal could be a good option. This cleverly built cat bed house is made up of microfiber and may be converted. This cozy bed has a faux-fur exterior shell and could be used as a flat couch or a cozy pod. The deep-pocketed design gives your small pet plenty of areas to burrow, nest, and sleep in luxurious comfort.


Igloo Cat Beds


  • The Igloo hut or cat beds are pleasant indoor cat rooms that give your kitty his area. It's simple in design and composed of soft, easy-care materials. 
  • The soft faux shearling material is available in five home décor compatible hues and is naturally self-warming to keep away any chill.  The warm igloo house by Cat Casual is flexible yet keeps its shape, even when a restless cat is on it. 


Cat Playpen



  • The cat playpen ensures that your pets are safe while you are in the park, on the beach, or inside or outside your home. Playpens are easy-to-assembly and ensure a safe and secure play space. Large open-air mesh screened windows provide a luxurious 360-degree vista as well as plenty of fresh air. 
  • Cat Casual offers a pet Playpen with a vast internal room that provides entertainment for your pets, allowing them to play or rest while remaining comfortable and safe.


Things to keep in Mind


  • Cats prefer to sleep in quiet, low-traffic places away from boisterous dogs and youngsters. Sprinkle catnip or a few cat snacks on the bed to make it more intriguing. 
  • Select an appropriate bed for your cat. Cats who enjoy hiding may choose a cave-style bed. A heated bed may attract your cat like a magnet. 
  • Choose the finest location when you've chosen a bed that would be a good fit for their preferences. It could be a sunny or elevated area. 
  • The material of the cat beds is crucial in terms of your cat's health. If your cat is allergic to certain materials, avoid selecting anything that will aggravate their allergies.
  • While bed training your cat you can skew the odds by making other spots less appealing, such as locking doors and/or placing books or double-sided sticky tape in areas where you don't want them to sleep. 
  • Before choosing, you should consider the materials used to make the bed, as well as whether it can be washed in a machine or must be hand washed.


Bottom line

Cats, mostly prefer to be out of sight when they are sleeping. So, providing them with their ideal space to snuggle down is the real goal to help your best furry friends sleep well. As mentioned above, there are many types of Cat beds to provide your cats with a perfect bed routine. But before you plan to buy your cat’s bed, read the tips mentioned above to make your purchase fruitful. 

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