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Apple AIRTAG Pet Collar

Apple AIRTAG Pet Collar

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Our AirTag pet-friendly tracking collars are a perfect way to make sure you never lose your mascot. This item is Vegan animal friendly and does not contain any animal products and uses PU leather. 

Currently, these collars are only suitable for larger breed cats. Be sure to measure before ordering.

Pets get curious and can escape or at times be out of sight. If you have ever lost your pet you would know how horrible and stressful of an experience it is. We set out to solve the problem with technology that is readily available by means of GPS tracking. A proven product we have used is the Apple Airtag, so we combined it with an animal-friendly collar.

The AirTag device (not included) allows your pet to be located without a distance limit by using Find my app, found on every iPhone, iPad or iPod touch device. The Andriod device user can also pair this device by using the 'Tracker detector' app.

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